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02 February 2010 @ 08:39 pm


Johnnys Entertainment Fan


二宮和也 Ninomiya Kazunari
にのあい Aimiya, バンビズ・そばペア Sakumoto

Hey! Say! JUMP
伊野尾慧 Inoo Kei

Since 2007

Japanese Dramas, Movies and Variety Shows


twitter: @aimiyarashi

よろしくお願いします !!
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(!Disclaimer: If you see any missing letter 'b's, it's cos my 'b' is pretty much throwing a fit and not co-operating, that itch!)

I know some of you are waiting for this.
I wished I had taken leave from work and dedicate this whole day to Arashi !! (Especially how wonderfully abandoned I feel at work, long boring story consisting of crazy me whining even my executive ignored me. See, abandoned!)

But nevermind that,
That's why I go home to Arashi every day ♡♡♡♡♡

Happy 5x15 Anniversary to one of the most darling idol groups I know,
May the five of them, the staff, the fandom,
and everyone who has ever and will ever support ARASHI be blessed with

the calm amidst the strongest storms of the blue seas
the passion that burns as strongly as of a red flame
the comfort of home in mother earth's natural green
the strength that burns yet warms like the sun's yellow rays
the nobility of high ideals as rich as a purple amethyst

May the fandom continue to flourish into a magical place
and achieve as muchor more than it has already.
Everyone, let's get along ~

Without further ado, let's talk about the giveaway ^_____^

So I received some wonderful entries for the giveaway, and I am just really glad about the effort I received!
*Proud motherly feels why*

So, I'd like to announce the contest winners ~

  1. ivenclaire

  2. timber94

  3. j_sei

  4. zhanisa

  5. kiriezero

  6. shourie

Congratulations !!☆☆☆ミ

The above list is actually by the ranking of the winners, and I know I didn't discuss how prizes will be given away, but basically, first prize winner chooses his/her gift, and second prize winner chooses from what's left of that, while third prize winner then chooses what's left of that and so on and so forth.

I didn't want to choose for anyone cos I don't know what you might already have ~

I'll be contanting the winners regarding their choice of prize, addresses, as well as what they'd like/allow me to share with the rest of the fandom.

Because I'm quite impressed by the submissions I received, I'll actually be giving away some of my shop photos to the remaining participants. (It'll be a shop photo of your bias, no doubt) So I'll just need your co-operation to tell me which shoppics you already have to i can avoid things ~ ?

So yeah, that's basically it, I should really post pictures of the prizes tho


There ya go, I finally snapped everything ~

So I'll be contacting all of you by email soon, thank goodness my email is not messy like my room!
But yeah, my work computer is better for that,
so hope you all had a stellar day/week/month/year/decade/century/lifetime *wink*

Hello all !

It is today, the birthday of my biased Arashi member, and quite possibly the love of my (fangirl) life, Ninomiya Kazunari. In the span of his 31 years of life, 16 years of it was spent alongside Johnnys and Associates, to which 15 years was well spent with 4 others in a stormy journey of Arashi. To which, I have had the pleasure of spending 7 years growing up with them.

In my 7 years of journey, I have met with a lot of people from numerous parts of the world. And even though I may not be the most socialized person, I greatly appreciate the company I’ve had within the fandom. From brief moments, to the best of friends. From those who care to share, and those who respect the rules and (raw/subs) providers. To these people, I would like you hold this special giveaway for you.

It is with great pleasure that I announce this on the much-celebrated birthday of our bratty king, our game master, or magician and the forever 17.

What I am giving away:

  • LE version of this year’s releases

    • Bittersweet LE (Japan First Press)

    • GUTS! LE (Japan First Press)

    • Dare mo Shiranai LE (Japan First Press)

    • ARAFES’13 DVD LE (Japan First Press)

    • LOVE DVD LE (Japan First Press)
      any other releases up to sept 15

  • ARAFES’12 Shoulder bag

  • Things I haven’t decided yet ahahaha

This pictures only since I'm not getting round to snapping up the other items now, am I?

Shipping costs for this giveaway will be covered entirely by the organizer, a.k.a. me!
^ ______ ^


how do you win yourselves these items?

Well, there are several themes for this giveaway!

You may choose from:

  • something that you've done solely for/bcos of arashi

  • how arashi changed your life

  • what big/interesting thing you'll be doing for arashi's anniversary

With either one or a combination of any or all of the topics above, this giveaway requires you to submit any form of presentation of choice. You may choose from making videos, to drawing doujins (hinthint my otps are NinoAi, SakuMoto, OhnoxNakamaYukie), to maybe an essay, or even creating a powerpoint. You may even create something and send pictures of it, however, no cookie points will be given for making 3D models.

What I want to see:

1) Effort. Like really, this will earn you a loooooooooot of cookie points.Try to pull a “Oh I don’t know, i love them all for everything they’ve done, they’re just so great, you know!?” on me, and the chances of you winning is really low. Like, I want to know the ‘how’ with all the details. I don’t want something you can send in 5 minutes, I want you to be creative, to find inspirations, to work and project your work, to create something you can be proud of, even if you don’t win.

2) Creativity. You can use any form of presentation. The more creative you are, the more I know you put in effort for this, the more you’re going to increase your chances of winning something.

3) An active account. Either your twitter, tumblr, or LJ has to be active. Being active on facebook WONT help, cos I don’t have a facebook account, and I’m the one holding this giveaway and creating the rules *shrugs* ahahahahaa!

Things I don’t want to see:

1) Short submissions. Like, no. This is the total contrast of what I want to see. Short submissions = no effort.

2) Submissions from users who disrespects subs/raw providers and anyone else in the fandom. I do not want to be encouraging this behaviour, so if you’re one of those people, please don’t participate in this giveaway. This giveaway is solely for those who share and respects other users.

Submitting your work:

Submit your 5x15xTheWorld masterpiece by e-mail to: toraako@gmail.com with the subject “ 5x15xTheWorld”





LJ account: OR

Twitter account: OR

Tumblr account:


Duration in the fandom:

The deadline for submission of works would be on the 30th of August, 2014, our Master J’s grand day!

Winners will be announced about two weeks later, on the 15th of September, 2014.

Please comment if you have any enquiries at all. I will update this post with common questions (sort of like an FAQ) as and when I feel the need.

Anyways, good luck to you all !!

"Ganbare" Hora ne niatteiru yo

"Do your best" See? It suits you well
*credits to Yarukizero
04 October 2012 @ 01:18 am

Kouchi Yugo,Tanaka Juri, Morimoto Shintarou, Matsumura Hokuto, Kyomoto Taiga, Lewis Jesse

~LJ Cut~

☆★☆Because this is a rare thing ☆★☆Collapse )

This post is mainly to givebeachbottomsa new thread
to continue our LJ conversations because our previous one
literally murdered her LJ template o(^______^)o

Also, I'm still in the midst of some promised subbing works,
but omg, I hate timing !! o('n')o

And I miss Arashi~
Their weekly variety shows aren't enough!
I'm doomes if their popularity reduces and end up with only 1 variety show o(;___;)o
I just have to be patient for end of the month though~
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17 June 2012 @ 02:16 pm
Hahahahahah, I'm spamming the hashtag EVERYWHERE~!!
In case you didn't know, that was the hashtag used for our dear brat's birthday~!!

I heard that it even trended worldwide!!! o(>///////<)o

#二宮あいらぶゆーCollapse )

But now, moving on~~!!!
I'm here to provide all of you with:

Arashi Beautiful World Live Tour Concert DVD Limited Edition Booklet Scans

(Yes, I have a thing for the whole freaking name!)

Also, here's some previews:

Birthday Present!! <3 TO THE FANS!!Collapse )

Happy Ninomiya Day, everyone!!
Oh, and father's day too~!!

Hahahha, a bit ironic that our #forever17 Ninomiya's birthday is on Father's day!

Also, I heard they celebrated his birthday at ワクワク学校!!
And they read a letter from his mother!!!!!
Time to hunt for fan reports

P.S. Random note not concerning anyone,
I cooked Mabo Tofu for my family today~~!!! o(x_x)o
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Anyways, I took too long this time!

I went shopping too much last week and procrastinated!
I'M SORRY!! m(_ _)m
At least I bought Aimiya coloured nailpolish? /bricked

Do remember to check out mikeneko_holmes !!
And if you have information, do share~~

Okay, MISS magazine
This time is also one long interview~!!

As usual, I edited the scans too,
so you can choose to read the scans or the long post below~

Of course, the scans have more goodies
that's harder to include in a post!

Do check out the scans and Aiba's pretty, prettyness~
(And whoever was starting the Aiba-war on tumblr... grr~!!)

Ok, shut up, me!

Once again,
do join [info]mikeneko_holmes

We are also planning on subbing the drama!
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~!!
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This time, I bring you Aiba's interview from
TV Guide Magazine 17 to 23 March Issue!

Do remember to check out the community mikeneko_holmes

For this interview,
we're actually put in the roles of Aiba's pet cats~

Because Aiba is super adorable
and there's pictures of "us trailing him"
with words on it, I editted the scans so you guys can enjoy going on a journey with him,
as his pet cat...!

So that we won't be so envious of Holmes~!!
You know us well, TV Guide o(x_x)o

TV Guide
March 17 to 23 Issue

Oh gosh, that was long.
I'm not fluent in Japanese so I'm sorry if there's any mistakes.
But translation makes my English horrible and weird too somehow,
so I'm sorry if it's difficult to make sense~!!

Mikeneko Holmes will begin airing in less than two weeks times.

people who can't wait to watch, PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!
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I'm doing this translation for Mikenekko Holmes no Suiri~!!
Do check out the comm too: mikeneko_holmes

So, I actually requested ianne_xxyl for an assignment o(x_x)o
Since I don't know where to start at all...
Thus, she had assigned me Aiba's page of Otonafami May 2012 issue...

Otonafami (Adult Family) - 2012.05

Original scans thanks to saobang2211 over HERE.

You can click on the picture to read the translation of the page.
Or below is the translation of Aiba's interview questions and answers only.

Let’s hear from the hero!Collapse )

/On another issue, Strawberry Night is a good detective drama too.
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03 January 2012 @ 02:33 pm
So, I've always wanted to try out subbing.

And I took the year-end school hols to do exactly that.
I've subbed Fuku Arashi from December 27 to 29th.
Since they're short clips and I had patience to do so.
I'm currently subbing December 30th, January 1st & 2nd.
(There's none on December 31st)

It's kind of my first time subbing,
and I initially wanted to post it on New Year's
or at most, today, since Fuku Arashi will be showcasing two of the shows broadcasting today.

But Ohmaiga~! I didn't know uploading 100 mb files can be such.a.chore!!

So I'll be providing softsubs for now,
and I'll upload the hardsubs once it has finish uploading.


So anyways, here are some screencaps, just because.
The "episodes" are rather repetitive.
They basically say the same things over and over again, so I'm going to showcase highlights from different episodes.

Fuku Arashi [2011.12.27]
It's pretty basic. The introductory of all introductions.

They'll show a VTR for tonight's 3hr VS Arashi SP

Where there'll only be four in arashi??

And MatsuJun is WHAT?

And you get a preview of 「Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai」

And 「Lucky Seven」 too. (As well as Jun's hot bod apparently, and the preview of their new song.)

But Fuku Arashi [2011.12.28],
it's more focus on the dramas

Ohno introduces the relationship chart for 「Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai」

And MatsuJun introduces 「Lucky Seven」's relationship chart.

But Aiba gets a board too? Is he introducing something?

For Fuku Arashi [2011.12.29],
this time, they're focusing on Ohno's drama only.

And Ohno shoots the promotion VTR himself.

But why is Ohno being fed a hamburger instead??

And look at his satisfied face. (How can someone be so cute at 30 yrs old?)

Fuku Arashi [2011.12.30]
introduces MatsuJun's drama only.

Also, VTR shot by emperor J himself~!

But who-what-who are does scary... creatures??

Emporer J is asking you to check it out!!

Also, at the end of each episode,
there is a 30-sec aru-aru clip.
Aru-aru is, directly translating, have-have.
So in this case, it's something someone has.
It can be anything really, but they mainly reveal each other's habits.

For the first episode, because I can, and because they're my 2nd otp,

Sakumoto reveals themselves. Or at least, Sho says something that MatsuJun aru-aru~!
(And what is that baka-trio doing at the back, ohmygodsoadorable~!!)

And yes, they're wearing the same outfit for all days.

Fuku Arashi [2011.12.27] -> Sakumoto
Fuku Arashi [2011.12.28] -> Ohmiya
Fuku Arashi [2011.12.29] -> Sakuraiba
Fuku Arashi [2011.12.30] -> Matsumiya
Fuku Arashi [2011.01.01] -> Ohba
*bolds are the member doing the revealing.

If you've downloaded the RAW from last_of_days,
then these would synch perfectly.
I'm not sure if it's just my GOM player that has a problem,
but I recommend using the subs with Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
(or just wait for hardsubs?)

Fuku Arashi [2011.12.27]
Fuku Arashi [2011.12.28]
Fuku Arashi [2011.12.29]
Fuku Arashi [2011.12.30]
Fuku Arashi [2011.01.01]
Fuku Arashi [2011.01.02]

Fuku Arashi [2011.12.27] MediaFire 
Fuku Arashi [2011.12.28] MediaFire
Fuku Arashi [2011.12.29] MediaFire
Fuku Arashi [2011.12.30] MediaFire
Fuku Arashi [2011.01.01] MediaFire
Fuku Arashi [2011.01.02] MediaFire
*27 to 29 - MF files thanks to beachbottoms

Comments = Love

No online streaming please!!
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10 October 2011 @ 05:32 pm
Hmm, maybe it isn't so much as re-development.

Anyhows, before school starts next week, I'm customizing as much as my computer as possible~!! Like, everything! EVERYTHING~!!

Maybe I shall post screencaps some time later.

But I'm mainly changing everything to Arashi~!!

Nothing much.Collapse )

But as usual, nothing I update is about my personal life.
Because my life practically revolves around fangirling and nothing much else.

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